7 Janvier, 2017, 19h Miramar Cultural CenterMiramar Cultural Center
9 Janvier, 2017, 21h SOB's New York City USA
29 Janvier, 2017, 20h Grand Théatre Quebec City QC
3 Février, 2017 La Basoche, Gatineau QC
23 Février, 2017 Centre des Arts, Edmundston NB
24 Février, 2017 Théâtre Fatima, Kedgwick Saint Quintin NB
25 Février, 2017 Legion Royal Canadienne, Neguac NB
10 Mars, 2017 Centre des Arts, Ottawa ON
16 Mars, 2017 Le Château, Pointe de L'Eglise NE
17 Mars, 2017 Centre des Congrès, Shippagan NB
18 Mars, 2017 Communauté Francophone de Saint Jean, Saint Jean NB

Spectacles passés
Past Shows

Tournée d'été 2016
Summer Tour 2016
Wesli Band - Tournée d'été 2016 - Summer Tour 2016
4 Sept, 2016 Mundo Carnaval, Ville de Québec QC
3 Sept, 2016 Mundo Carnaval, Ville de Québec QC
13 Août, 2016 Saison Estivale du Quartier DIX 30
10 Août, 2016, 19h Festival des Traditions du Monde, Sherbrooke QC
10 Août, 2016, 12h Square Victoria, Montréal QC
9 Août, 2016 Quartier des Spectacles, Forum Social
6 Août, 2016 Carnaval Estival Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Place Simon-Valois
(angle des rues Ontario et Valois)
30 Juillet, 2016 Cavallerizza, Turin Italie
29 Juillet, 2016 Festival Sfinks, Bruxelles Belgique
26 Juillet, 2016 Sala Siroco, Madrid Espagne
25 Juillet, 2016 Madrid Espagne
24 Juillet, 2016 Festival Sines Portugal
23 Juillet, 2016 Fest Pirineros Sur, Huesca Espagne
20 Juillet, 2016 Manoir des Sables, Orford QC
16 Juillet, 2016 Weekend du Monde,
Parc Jean Drapeau, Montréal
13 Juillet, 2016 Mondial des Cultures, Drumondville QC
12 Juillet , 2016 Maison de la Culuture Montréal QC
9 Juillet, 2016 FrancoFêtes, Toronto ON
8 Juillet, 2016 Festival de Jazz Vermont USA
21 Juin, 2016 Nuit Boréale France
20 Juin, 2016 TV5 Live Spectacle France
19 Juin, 2016, 21h Africa Oye Festival Liverpool UK
18 Juin, 2016, 19h Africa Oye Festival Liverpool UK

8 Mai, 2016 Showcase Cumbancha, Burlington, Vermont USA
23 Avril, 2016 LaSalle QC
22 Avril, 2016 Teatro Eliécer Gaitán, Cr7 con 24, Bogotá Colombia
21 Avril, 2016 El Anonimo Colombia
20 Avril, 2016 La Tora 4 Brazos, Bogotá Colombia
16 Avril, 2016 Minister of Culture MINEC, San Andres Colombia
15 Avril, 2016 Hang Over Club, MINEC, San Andres Colombia
14 Avril, 2016 Beach Front stage MINEC, San Andres Colombia
31 Mars, 2016, 9h & 13h15 Salle Mathieu-Duguay, 65, rue de l'École, Lamèque NB
30 Mars, 2016, 9h, 10h45 & 13h15 Amphithéâtre de la Polyvalente de Marie-Esther, 201, Av. Hôtel de Ville, Shippagan NB
29 Mars, 2016, 10h30 & 13h15 585 rue de l'église, Tracadie ED NB

Tournée en duo avec Emeline Michel
Duet Tour with Emeline Michel
13 Mars, 2016 Straz Center Ferguson Hall
Tampa, FL
12 Mars, 2016 South Miami Dade Main Stage
Miami, FL
11 Mars, 2016 Capital City Ampitheater
Tallahassee, FL
7 Mars, 2016 Newberry Opera House
Newberry, SC
5 Mars, 2016 Carolina Theatre, Charlotte, NC USA
4 Mars, 2016 Fletcher Hall, Durham, NC USA
3 Mars, 2016 Brooks Center for the Performing Arts
Clemson, SC
2 Mars, 2016 EKU Center for the Arts
Richmond, KY
1 Mars, 2016 Miami U - The Pavilion
Oxford, OH
28 Fév, 2016 Nazareth College - Callahan Theater
Rochester, NY
27 Fév, 2016 Fine Arts Center, Amherst, MA USA
26 Fév, 2016 Tilles Center, Greenvale, NY USA
25 Fév, 2016 Penn State - Eisenhower U
University Park, PA
24 Fév, 2016 Flynn Center, Burlington, VT USA
23 Fév, 2016 Massey Hall, Toronto, ON Canada
21 Fév, 2016 Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, NY USA
20 Fév, 2016 Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE USA
18-19 Fév, 2016 GWU Lisner, Washington, DC USA

3 Février, 2016 Salle Désilets, Cégep Marie-Victorin,

New York Janvier 2016 January
Wesli Live - New York - 2016/01/14 - 2016-01-16
16 Janvier, 2016, 3:20pm Regent Parlor, 2nd Floor, HILTON MIDTOWN, 1335 Ave of the Americas, New York USA
15 Janvier, 2016, 10pm Afro Jam Conference at MIST, 46 W. 116th Street, New York USA
14 Janvier, 2016, 11pm SILVANAS, 300 W. 116 Street, New York USA

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Biography of
Wesli Louissaint

SOCAN Hagood Hardy Prize for World Music 2016


  • SOCAN "Hagood Hardy" Prize for World Music 2016
  • Galaxie Rising Star Award London 2011
  • Babel Med Music Award France 2010
  • CBC Revelation 2009-10


Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Wesli (Wesley Louissaint) built his first guitar out of an old NGO- provided oil can and nylon shoe lace when he was just eight years old. Coming from a family of 8 children where music was a daily food for the soul, it became second nature to him, a unique and vital way out of the violence and misery found in the surrounding ghetto. Wesli’s musical journey started in the gospel choir of his local church and then he adopted the guitar as his main instrument.

Wesli and his guitar

Ever since, Wesli has worked relentlessly, perfecting his art, his only hope for a better life. Very early, he took part in serious projects such as the afro-roots Jazz 4ever quartet and SoKute. He performed in many of Haiti’s concert halls and traveled abroad with Kreyol Mizik company. In his teens, Wesli produced and recorded the album Horizon with SoKute. Their soul music gathered wide success and even made them famous outside Haiti.

The release of his second album, Liberté dans le noir, in December 2011, has confirmed those affirmations. The 17 tracks feature duos with many major bands and artists: the great Tiken Jah Fakoly, Mes Aieux, Radio Radio, Paul Cargnello, Boogat and Karma Atchykah.

Already it has gathered much success:

  • Top 25 Album of the year 2011, Voir.ca newspaper (barely 6 days after its release) Top 3 World
  • Music Album of the Year 2011, Le Devoir newspaper
  • 4.5 stars Album Ranking, Voir.ca
  • 4 stars Album Ranking, 24h Montréal
  • The song « Né sous le soleil » was Top #1 for over a week, followed by Top #2, right behind La Bottine souriante over the Holidays 2011, EspaceMusique.ca

Moreover, Wesley Louissaint has produced, composed and arranged musical creations for films, including CBC’s documentary about Dany Laferrière. He composed, with Arianne Moffat, Nomadic Massive and Doba, the popular song « Nap chante pou Ayiti » the day after the earthquake in Haiti, on January 12th 2010.

He also collaborated with other Montreal artists as an artistic director and composer, namely for Senaya (Garde la tê̂te haute, 2005) and Sara Rénélik (Aube, 2006); as well as working as a musical director for Line 1 Company.

Be it in an acoustic formation (guitar, voice and percussion) or with his big band, Wesli consistently delivers a rich, festive and uniquely engaging sound. He conquers the heart of his audience through complex musical arrangements and universal messages of hope, truth and peace. Critics have crowned him “the strongest world creature Montreal presently has to offer internationally” Alain Brunet, La Presse.

Wesli was also featured on the cover of Voir Saguenay in August 2011.



Wesli has acquired strong skills and knowledge through these experiences and his debut album, Kouraj (2009), “deals head-on with the struggles of everyday life, including the dire situation in his homeland (extreme poverty, kidnappings, the environment...); but, equally, he stresses the importance of reaching for higher ground [...] The majority of the songs are sung in brilliant Creole and French, with one English cut, “Na wé yo”, that speaks out about the forgotten people of Africa. African instruments (Cora, Balaphone, Calabash, Talking drum), Haitian drums (Manman tambou, Segon, Kata) and stellar guitar and sax solos drive a highly compelling recording.

Cover of Wesli's album Kouraj
  1. Wandjalé
  2. Sa Yo Fè
  3. Doudou
  4. Nèg Makaya (Nu Groov)
  5. Manzè
  6. Zilé (feat. Steeve Khé)
  7. Blackman
  8. La Vi Dròl
  9. Kouraj
  10. Kolonizasiyon
  11. Na Wè Yo
  12. Ghetto
  13. Emmène-moi
  14. Mizik Saa

It went on to win 4 stars in the magazine Voir 2 and was nominated for the World Music album of the year at the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards. From then on, the musical scene partners have been raving about "the leading voice of Montreal's world music: maybe even the most promising artist for the world scene":

  • SunFest Website www.sunfest.on.ca/festival/performers/wesli
  • Voir’s Kouraj review, Ralph Bloncy voir.ca/fiches/cd/wesli-kouraj/
  • Wesley Louissaint, is a born entertainer whose groove machine skilfully cooks up afrobeats, reggae, rock and Haitian Rara into a unique blend of spicy pot-o-feu.
  • Wesli won Radio-Canada (CBC) Revelation of the year 2009-2010, Babel Med Music Award in France and Nominee for the Gala Soba in the World Solo Artist of the Year category.

Liberté Dans le Noir

In his second album Wesli reaffirms the Montreal-Haiti connection and demonstrates his great attraction through collaborations notably with Radio Radio, Mes Aieux and Tiken Jah Fakoly.

Cover of Wesli's album Liberté Dans le Noir
  1. Colonisation with Tiken Jah Fakholy
  2. Ça fait mal
  3. Waya waya
  4. Danse baila danse
  5. Liberté dans le noir
  6. Bel ti fanm kréyol
  7. Sous Le Soleil
  8. Peace
  9. EveryDay
  10. Ça fait Mal
  11. Laibonit
  12. Ou Dim
  13. Bye Bye Daome
  14. 3 Féy
  15. Lanmou Nou
  16. Tchentchen
  17. Mama Africa


Wesli's 3rd album, published n February 2015, at the same time as his 4th.

Cover of Wesli's album Immigrand
  1. Intro
  2. Konsa (feat. Lou Piensa de Nomadic Massive)
  3. The Only One
  4. Pa ka ri
  5. ImmiGrand
  6. L'amiral Skarawak
  7. Rara Kalito (feat. Radio Radio)
  8. J'ai grandi dans un ghetto (feat. Dramatik)
  9. On regarde
  10. Jouer le jeu
  11. Moris Dezo (feat. Vox Sambou)
  12. Eya Hé
  13. Jah Love
  14. Ret tann pou tann tounen pwa tann
  15. Ou dim (feat. Mamselle Ruiz)
  16. Bèl ti fanm kreyòl (feat. BélO et BIC)
  17. Bann mwen (feat. Socalled)
  18. Jistis Set Me Free (feat. Nomadic Massive)
  19. Nago

Ayiti étoile nouvelle

Wesli's 4th album was launched in Febraury 2015, at the same time as his 3rd.

Cover of Wesli's album Ayiti étoile nouvelle
  1. Rara
  2. Latibonit
  3. Ile
  4. Mama Africa
  5. Sonje
  6. Mon Konpè
  7. La Pèsòn (feat. Toto Laraque)
  8. Eya Hé
  9. Kote Nou Ye
  10. Ça fait mal
  11. 3 Fèy
  12. Mizik Saa
  13. La Vi dwol
  14. Manzè


WESLI - J'ai Grandi dans un Ghetto feat MikaBen Wesli &ammp; Wesli Band @ Carifesta XII Champ de Mars Haïti WESLI BAND en 1ère partie de Tiken Jah Fakoly Wesli Colonisation @ Haiti en Folies WESLI - Ça Fait mal et Sous le soleil au Cabaret du Mile End WESLI - "Colonisation" feat. Tiken Jah Fakoly - Reggae band Montreal WESLI feat. Radio Radio - Waya Waya (Ça ne m'intéresse pas) Wesli - Zilé from new album "Kouraj" Wesli-"La vi dròl" from new album "Kouraj" 2009

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